350 Farenheit in Celcius” is one of the most famous comedies ever produced by the Chinese. Directed and written by Yang Yifan, the film has become a major commercial success in China and has won several awards, most notably for Best Screenplay. Although it is a cult comedy classic, I find that its enduring popularity is owed mainly to the one-liners. The sheer volume of great one-liners makes this movie stand out as a unique comedy classic. I will highlight some of my favorites.


When the old Chinese sage Confucius (Maureen Con��) comes to visit his old friend Kung Fu, he admonishes him for his fainting during a hunting expedition. Kung Fu tries to cheer him up by informing him that fainting is only natural while hunting and that he should relax. Confucius tells him to go outside and sit on the edge of a cliff so that he can have sufficient support when he attempts to sit on top of the cliff. After a short rest, he goes back to his hut and finds that everybody else has gone. He figures everybody else must have gone on a picnic, so he decides to search for them. During his search, he meets Wu Zetian (Chow Yun Lia) and learns that he had been invited to dinner by the emperor.


While waiting for the others to arrive, Wu notices a pellet fired from a distance. Upon seeing the pellet, he assumes that it was fired by the enemy. Later that night, however, he is visited by his old friend, Confucius, who tells him that he does not like eating dinner with the emperor. Just then, Wu Zetian arrives and learns from Confucius that there had been a misunderstanding and that the pellet was actually fireworks meant for a war game.

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