Factors That Affect the Cost of Insurance in Alberta

alberta insurance

Alberta insurance is a key component of the safety net that protects the financial interests and well-being of people in this province. It covers people from economic losses arising from the unexpected death or injury of another person, property loss, medical expenses and legal fees. It also helps people rebuild their lives following a car accident or natural disaster.

Insurance coverage in Alberta is available from a number of sources. Some people purchase their policies through a broker who sells insurance products from multiple providers. Others choose to work with an agent who represents a single insurer or go through an aggregator website that offers quotes from many different providers.

Demystifying Insurance Jargon: A Consumer’s Handbook for Alberta Residents

A person’s driving record is a major factor in determining his or her Alberta car insurance rate. Good drivers are generally less likely to get into accidents and may qualify for lower rates. Other factors include whether a driver takes a traffic school course or has had recent minor or major traffic convictions. Whether a person has owned his or her vehicle for long or short periods of time is also taken into consideration, as are credit history and claims history.

A person’s location can also affect his or her Alberta car insurance rate. Drivers who live in areas with high crime levels may be prone to theft or vandalism and may pay higher rates for their Alberta auto insurance. Similarly, those who live in areas prone to climate related incidents, such as floods or wildfires, may see their premiums increase.