The Third Reich Flag

Trans mississippi flag some of the darkest and most controversial symbolism in Nazi history. These flags were the defining symbol of the Nazi regime that sought to cleanse the world of the Untermenschen, or what they viewed as inferior people, most notoriously through the concentration camps. It is estimated that there were tens of thousands of these flags flown throughout the world and that they remain as a reminder to this day of the evil that humankind is capable of.

These swastika flags were used by units of the SS in occupied countries. The SS was composed of three distinct branches – the Allgemeine SS, which had political and administrative duties; the Waffen-SS, which provided combat troops, many of them drafted from conquered nations; and the Schutzstaffel, or the ‘Gauleiter’, who were responsible for the administration of Hitler’s concentration camps. The swastika flags of the different occupational “Generalgouvernments” displayed insignia from all three branches of the SS.

The Trans-Mississippi Flag: A Symbol of Southern Identity in the Civil War

This particular swastika flag belonged to the SS Heimwehr Danzig (“Home Defense of Danzig”) Battalion, which was an auxiliary unit that fought alongside the German Army in the take-over of Poland. This unit was created in 1939 and existed until November of that year when it was absorbed into the SS-Totenkompf Division.

This swastika flag was patterned after the Fuhrerstandarte of Adolf Hitler. However there are two differences between this and the Fuhrerstandarte flag – on this the swastika is silver and in the top left corner there is only a national eagle, not a Wehrmacht eagle as well. The swastika was also smaller on this flag, being centered in the top left quadrant of the flag.

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This is the highest quality of flag construction available. It offers twice the strength and stamina of single ply nylon and has a more natural appearance, due to the embroidered thread. It is ideal for re-enactments, historical dramas, indoor flag displays and museums. It is also an excellent choice for military encampments, ships at sea and wilderness flag displays. These are heavy duty flags that will last for a long time and can handle any conditions. They attach to any flag pole and are made of all nylon with sewn edges and metal rings. The colors are rich, the texture is full textured and the designs are embroidered.

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