Having a dedicated home Design and Install can bring movie nights out of the living room and into the comfort of your own home. It is becoming an increasingly popular option when building or converting/extending homes. The ability to watch the latest movies and games in a darkened and soundproof environment has become more appealing than ever.

Leeds home technology specialist Finite Solutions has just won a major international accolade for a home cinema project it completed in London. The company’s PS80k installation has been crowned CEDIA Honored Home Theater, an honor that highlights the best projects in the custom electronics industry.

Eco-Friendly Home Cinemas: Sustainable Design with Finite Solutions

The AV install includes a new 7.2 speaker array, all drawn from the Linn product stable – their high-end Akurate speakers and power amplifiers are used for front left and right, centre channel and dual subwoofers. For the surround channels, the installers installed AlphsSorb fabric-wrapped acoustic panels in black SoundSuede(tm) fabric intermittently along the walls, to absorb noise and enhance clarity of film audio.

For convenience, the whole cinema system is integrated into a smart control system by Savant, which means it can be activated in one press of a button. Choosing “Movie Mode” for instance will dim the lights, turn on the projector and surround system, lower blinds and switch to the cinema’s inputs. Taking the hassle out of movie night, this helps encourage people to use their home cinema more often.

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