forklift train the trainer

In the workplace, forklift train the trainer means that employees take responsibility for operator training. It also eliminates the cost of bringing in outside trainers and saves time. It also allows the trainer to schedule training around departmental shifts.

During the forklift train the trainer course, trainers learn about OSHA requirements, how they apply to their own workplace and how to comply with the standards. This 1-day class provides the knowledge and skills to establish an effective in-house forklift training program.

Before starting to train your operators, it’s important that you identify the hazards associated with each type of forklift and worksite. Hazards may vary by the type of forklift being used, the application, or other environmental factors.

From Operator to Trainer: Navigating Forklift Train-the-Trainer Certification

A good forklift train the trainer class should have a hands-on training component that allows the trainer to actually operate a forklift. The training instructor should also walk the trainer through a series of practical tasks and evaluate their performance. The trainer should be able to demonstrate that they understand the material, know how to instruct others and are familiar with actual lift truck operations.

Some vocational or technical colleges offer forklift train the trainer classes. Alternatively, some 3rd party training companies also offer train the trainer courses or classes. When selecting a class, look for a provider that offers the forklift operator course and instructor certification together. Also make sure to inquire about the training materials included and how much they cost, if any.

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