Get Flower Power

Get Flower Power

A plethora of studies have shown that flowers improve overall mood and life satisfaction. They also reduce depression and anxiety, increase social activity, boost cognitive performance, and even protect the elderly from mental decline. URL

Get Flower Power

When a flower or plant is placed in the home, it creates a soothing environment and can help fight winter ailments like dry skin, colds, and coughs. It can also provide a sense of calm and peace in a hectic world.

The benefits of a flower-filled garden are endless. Whether it’s a full-blown garden or just one small pot of flowers on the windowsill, flowers are an essential part of any healthy lifestyle.

Creating a Sensory Garden with Flower Power

Over 30% of American women struggle with yeast infections, itching, and odor in their vaginas. A natural boric acid suppository from Flower Power can help restore the vagina’s PH balance and ward off bacteria that cause itching and odor.

Rejuvenating the Vagina’s PH Balance with Boric Acid Suppositories by Flower Power

A boric acid suppository from FlowerPower is the fastest and easiest way to keep your vagina smelling fresh, clean and feeling comfortable. Simply apply a suppository as needed and watch the results.

Sharing Love and Happiness through Flowers

Receiving and sharing flowers helps establish and foster intimate relationships. In fact, research from Rutgers University found that participants who were surrounded by flowers experienced more positive emotions and felt happier than those who weren’t.

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