gta hacks

If you’re a fan of GTA hacks, chances are high that at some point you’ve wanted to use cheats in the open-world crime sandbox. From spawning vehicles to giving yourself full invincibility, Rockstar’s suite of cheats offers players a slew of toys that can spruce up the game. Just don’t forget that using cheats during missions disables Trophies and Achievements, and that you’ll need to reload your last “clean” save game once you use a code.

In the past, hacks have been a big problem for GTAO, with many players finding ways to cheat in order to obtain all the cars, gear and loot that they want as quickly as possible. And while the studio has been cracking down on these hackers, new ones are always cropping up as soon as the old ones are banned.

How to Equip the Right Weapon

The latest hack to surface allegedly gives players the ability to hear their phones constantly ring in their GTA Online sessions. The hack, spotted by Reddit user Gypsy, is said to have been created so that the ringing occurs whether the player is in a mission or not. It even reportedly happens during cutscenes, which is pretty disturbing for any player who’s ever been subjected to such psychological torture.

The hack is reportedly pretty easy to use, with players simply having to press a series of buttons in quick succession. In addition to letting them bypass in-game safety rules and spawn any vehicle they like, it also allows players to toggle on (temporary) invincibility, change the weather conditions or introduce varying effects depending on how many times the code is entered.

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