A cable management box is a great way to store, organize and hide your cords and power strips. They are ideal for a home office, entertainment center or other room that has lots of cables to keep track of.

They come in a variety of styles and aesthetics, from sleek plastic boxes to handmade wooden designs that double as shelving or decor. The best ones offer a minimalist, streamlined design that can blend in with your current decor.

Before selecting a cable management box, consider which cords you plan to hide in it and whether the number of slots or clips is sufficient for your needs. Also, make sure the cover fastens into place, as this prevents dust from entering the box.

How a Cable Management Box Can Help Simplify Your Life

The box should be large enough to accommodate your cords and power bricks. A cramped space can create a dangerous overheating situation, so choose a model that has ample space to house your devices.

Besides hiding your wires, a cable management box can also double as a USB hub or charging station for your phone. These features can be very helpful if you often use your device in the office and need to charge it when you’re away from home.

Cable management boxes are primarily made from plastic, though high-end options are also available in wood. Some wooden models also feature bamboo lids for a refined aesthetic. These boxes can be a bit more expensive than plastic options, but they are worth the investment for their aesthetics and functionality.

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