industrial swing gates

Industrial swing gate are perfect for a wide range of applications, but they’re especially useful for protecting access points to elevated work surfaces and mezzanines. They’re OSHA-compliant and can be fabricated to fit most openings, making them an effective passive fall protection solution for industrial and commercial settings.

Rooftop Safety Gates

Rooftop safety is a top priority for any business, particularly when it comes to workers who spend time on the rooftop completing tasks and performing inspections. Investing in a rooftop safety gate can help mitigate the risk of roof accidents and save lives.

Walk Area Protection

Walking areas in industrial buildings are often busy with hurried activities like loading docks, trucks ferrying materials, and heavy equipment. Swing gates are designed to create a safe walk area throughout the facility, providing extra protection for employees and visitors.

Benefits of Using Industrial Swing Gates in Your Factory or Warehouse

Commercial grade industrial swing gates are built from strong materials that will endure wear and tear without crazing or fading. Most operators come with a 10-plus year warranty.

Maintenance and Servicing

It is important to regularly service your industrial swing gate and operator system to ensure they are operating properly. This is a simple task that will help prolong the lifespan of your system.

Style & Color

There are many different styles of gates for industrial and commercial use. Some have a basic design that is fabricated from chain link or galvanized steel, while others feature ornamental designs and decorative rings and pickets. The best choice for you will depend on your budget, security requirements and aesthetic preferences.

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