kangen water is the latest trending health beverage. It’s promoted as healthier than bottled water and contains more antioxidants. It’s also said to have anti-aging properties and help eliminate acidity in the body.

Does Kangen purify water?

The company behind kangen water, Enagic, claims that the machines have the ability to change the pH balance of your tap water through electrolysis. The water is run through plates with a high surface area that improves ionization and the amount of molecular hydrogen, which helps neutralize harmful free radicals in the body. Proponents claim that the machine can make your body more alkaline and prevent disease, boost energy levels, reduce oxidative stress, slow aging and detoxify the colon.

Unfortunately, there’s no medical evidence that supports the many alleged health benefits of kangen water or alkaline water in general. In fact, it’s possible that drinking too much ionized water could cause more harm than good.

Besides the claims about health, kangen water is also touted as a cleaning and beauty product. It’s claimed to be able to remove stains from dishes, sinks and bathtubs with ease and prevent the growth of bacteria. It’s also claimed that it can make your hair stronger and shinier, lower your risk for disease, improve sleep and promote better skin.

There’s just one problem: No food or drink cures cancer. There’s no real scientific evidence to support the many bogus health claims about kangen water and it’s certainly not healthier than filtered tap water.

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