prevent temporary email address

Prevent temporary email address

Using an online email verification service like Kickbox can help you identify one-time or disposable (sometimes called burner) email addresses in real time, so they don’t end up on your list through sign ups or transaction emails. They are also sometimes known as alias or masked email addresses because they don’t forward emails and have strict limitations on usage so they only accept messages for a short period of time before becoming inactive.

People use prevent temporary email address  for a variety of reasons. For consumers, it helps them avoid getting flooded by unwanted marketing emails and newsletters after giving their primary email address to a company. Many sites, including ecommerce and service providers, demand an email address before allowing a user to make a purchase or access content. In the light of several recent data breaches, consumers are increasingly wary of giving out their primary email addresses to companies that may sell their information to third parties and cause a deluge of unwanted advertising emails.

Halting Temporary Email Tactics: Effective Methods to Prevent the Use of Temporary Email Addresses

A growing number of people are turning to temporary email services that allow them to create a new email address with a single click. These address generators can quickly cycle through unique email addresses, and they often have a high churn rate, meaning they are only active for a few hours before they become inactive. This means they can quickly and easily ignore messages sent to them after the expiry of their subscription.

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