snap ad specs

There snap ad specs a wide variety of Snap ad formats available to help you reach Snapchat audiences with creative, engaging ads. From full-screen ads to dynamic ads, there are multiple ad types that you can choose from when creating your ad campaigns in Ads Manager. You can even create ads that move your audience through a funnel with ad sequences and retargeting.

When choosing an ad format, you’ll need to consider your goals and objectives before you produce the ad asset itself. You can choose to use a custom creative, or one of Snap’s templates, and you can set your campaign objective to target either video views, app installs and visits, phone calls and texts, or lead collection and conversions.

Navigating Snapchat Ads Cost: Budgeting Strategies for Maximizing ROI and Achieving Advertising Goals

Snapchat offers automatic placement, allowing you to optimize your ads’ delivery across Snapchat placements where they perform best. You can also choose to manually select your placements and audience for greater control over where your ad is served. You can filter your audience by age ranges, gender, and language. For more advanced options, you can select specific locations and demographics as well as narrow your scope with other filters like occupation and interests.

For ecommerce sales conversions, Snapchat offers Collection Ads, a made-for-commerce ad type that showcases your products in either video or picture and features 4 clickable product tiles at the bottom. You can upload a catalog in a CSV file for dynamic campaigns, or connect your catalog to Shopify or other platforms for live syncing (recommended). Lastly, you can use sponsored Snapchat lenses to add interactive elements to your ad.

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