Spam email checks are often annoying, but they can be dangerous too. Scammers use them to get your email address so they can send you junk emails or try to steal your personal and financial information. They also contain unsafe attachments or links that can infect your device with malware.

It’s easy to make mistakes that cause your legitimate emails to land in spam folders or even blocked entirely. For example, if you have an open and active contact list that includes people who have already marked your emails as spam, or if your IP or domain reputation has been damaged by previous spam complaints or blacklisting, this can hurt your deliverability.

Detecting Spam: Spam Email Check

Many email service providers look at the sender’s reputation when determining whether or not an email makes it to the recipient’s inbox. This can happen if you use too many exclamation marks, all-image emails, or if your subject lines include phrases like “free samples” or “money opportunities.” You may also have an IP address that has been blacklisted by other email service providers.

A great way to prevent your emails from getting sent to the spam folder is to ask recipients to add your email address to their list of trusted senders (or to save your email as a contact). This should keep messages you send them from landing in their spam folder, and it will help you avoid losing subscribers due to low deliverability rates.

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