etype jaguar buids

The etype jaguar buids is a car that will change the way you look at luxurious sports cars. It’s not a car that was merely beautiful to behold but had refined race-bred mechanics that could actually out-perform the Ferraris of its day on the track. It’s no wonder that it became a symbol of Jaguar’s success in international motorsports and has such a passionate and dedicated following worldwide. Read more

In the early ’60s Jaguar was facing the fact that its XK120 model was starting to feel a bit tired both in production and on the track. It needed a freshening up but the budgets were not there to create a new design. What was required was a new engine that would be capable of putting out the kind of power the old XK six had but in a more compact package.

Reviving Classic Elegance: Exploring the Beauty of Jaguar E-Type Builds

It was around this time that Malcolm Sayer came up with the concept for a low drag E-Type. He reworked the silhouette for better aerodynamics and used thinner steel, unique aluminum panels, and perspex glass to shed weight.

The result was a car that was so successful that Jaguar had to keep it in production. This is one of the most important reasons why it is so popular today.

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