The Green Solution at Union Station is your one-stop shop for top quality cannabis near Union Station Denver CO. Whether you’re headed to see a rockies game at Coors Field, shopping at Pavilions, or heading to an event at the Convention Center, our dispensary is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Denver at 1995 Wewatta Street. With easy access from LoDo, RiNo, and Highlands neighborhoods, as well as the first stop off the A Line from DIA, this TGS location has everything you need in the middle of one of the nation’s most vibrant downtown areas.

Can I just walk into a dispensary in Colorado?

While you can legally purchase cannabis at any marijuana dispensary, it’s best to check on consumption laws before making the trip. Typically, you’ll want to limit your possession of cannabis to a maximum of two ounces or less. Carrying more than that can result in hefty fines in certain states, so you should always keep your weed within Colorado state lines.

The state of Colorado permits cannabis to be consumed only in private spaces away from public view, including home and 420-friendly accommodations. However, some dispensaries have lounges that allow semi-public consumption. Others offer edibles that can be savored on-the-go. The state also allows for the creation of marijuana hospitality establishments that cater to qualified adults.

A common misconception is that you can have recreational weed delivered to your work or apartment in Denver. While that’s technically possible, it requires a special permit. Plus, the state taxes deliveries at a highway-robbery rate of up to 20%. That’s why it’s generally best to pick up your weed at your preferred dispensary.

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