UtimateFlags is America’s oldest online flag store for Patriots, Pride & Freedom. Their goal is to help people celebrate virtues, history and ideas they believe in by providing quality flags for sale in an easy-to-use online store. The company’s founder, Jonica Hough, has a passion for history that brings a level of authenticity to the collection that few can match. As a result, the company transcends commerce and has become a center of historical remembrance and national pride.

In addition to offering a vast selection of patriotic American flags, the company also sells rare historic war flags and Betsy Ross flags as well as hats, shirts, pins and other accessories. The store also has a large variety of Made in USA flags that are not available elsewhere.

Military Quality – Double Nylon Embroidered (2 ply)

This is the highest quality of flag construction available. It offers twice the strength and stamina of single ply nylon and has a more natural appearance, due to the embroidered thread. It is ideal for re-enactments, historical dramas, indoor flag displays and museums. It is also an excellent choice for military encampments, ships at sea and wilderness flag displays. These are heavy duty flags that will last for a long time and can handle any conditions. They attach to any flag pole and are made of all nylon with sewn edges and metal rings. The colors are rich, the texture is full textured and the designs are embroidered.

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