Chat rooms

Chat rooms are designated ایناز چت  areas on the Internet where people who share common interests can talk in real time by typing on a keyboard. The conversations take place on a variety of topics, and most chat rooms are categorized by topic. There are a variety of ways to chat online, from free instant messaging services such as Yahoo’s Messenger and AIM to fully immersive virtual worlds such as Second Life.

Many adults have found lasting friendships and relationships through chat rooms, and kids and teens find them appealing because they are available 24/7. However, online chat rooms can be dangerous places where children can become victims of predators who use the anonymity of the Internet to groom and exploit kids.

Chat Rooms vs. Social Media: Exploring the Pros and Cons

Some chat rooms are moderated, either by requiring users to sign up with an email address before talking (not the case with most chat rooms) or by having moderators patrol the venues watching for inappropriate behavior. But, unmoderated chat rooms allow anyone to post messages that could be dangerous for kids, from cyberbullying and sexually explicit language to trolls who make offensive comments or harass others.

The first chat room was created in 1974, and by 1980 CompuServe had released the CompuServe CB Simulator to the public, capitalizing on the popularity of citizen’s band radio culture and the explosive growth of American country music and movies. Since then, chat rooms have expanded to include everything from the simplest instant messaging systems to full-fledged virtual communities with their own economies and roleplaying environments.

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