leap play area

A leap play area is a small play space designed for children of all ages to allow them the freedom to interact with each other and create their own play. It is generally found on new developments as part of a package of playground equipment and surfacing to meet the requirements of the Section 106 agreement between developer and council or where there are no suitable public play spaces within a reasonable walking distance.

Choosing the Right Playground Surfaces for Your Leap Play Area

PAD recommends that a LEAP is designed and laid out to provide a minimum of six different play experiences (rather than specific pieces of equipment) but also focuses on the importance of open space for free interaction between children of all ages. This allows them to play traditional playground games such as tag or simply to run and explore the environment. They should be designed for age ranges 4-12 but must consider children with disabilities including mobility and sensory and should be sociable, allowing creative (imaginative) play and joint or social play.

The results showed that the LEAP intervention had a positive impact on the enjoyment and quality of life (QOL) of primary school pupils’ lunchtime play activities at the school. However, the most significant effects were seen for ‘imaginative play with movable/recycled materials’ and ‘construction with movable/recycled materials’ during post-tests. This suggests that a ceiling effect may be at play, with the LEAP intervention providing more of what was already being experienced by the school’s students.

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