triton bullbar

The Triton is a great off-road car that’s more than capable for handling rough terrain as well as animal attacks with the aid of a triton bullbar. The main issue with off roading is the terrain is just too wide. WA is actually home to some of the remotest, wildest places in the world. That means a lot of potential for damage if you’re not paying attention!

Fast-track Your Why Triton Bullbars Is So Popular

There are many options for off roading in WA with everything from quad bikes to 4 wheel drive vehicles such as the Triton bullbars. Irvin bullbars are one of the most common and popular models because of their low profile design and ability to lock out the bar. This means no one else can unlock it without your authorization! This also allows for added security if you have children or other people around who may not want to be locked out of your vehicle. The triton bars lock into place with a stainless steel bolt, and the lockable casters let you move the bullbar around easily when needed.

If you’re planning on taking your vehicle on any sort of exploring for that matter, it’s smart to keep the Triton bullbars locked in. I’ve heard reports of people who’ve had to leave their vehicle at another site to get to their key and find out that someone had taken it. You never know when someone is going to try to take your vehicle and leave you stranded and in the middle of nowhere. If you make sure you lock your triton bars, you’ll be able to get out of a locked trunk easier than ever!

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